February 3, 2019

Zannetti’s Scuba Art Special Edition – Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese New Year started officially the 5th of February and it’s represented by the Pig icon, the last animal of the Chinese Zodiac: people who’s born under this Lunar sign seems to be the most jovial, generous and sensible.

Zannetti decided to celebrate this important festivity creating with the micro-painting technique a delightful pink pig on the dial of one of his most sporty exemplars, enriching it with rigorously handmade decorations, details and precious materials.

Appealing to the real talent of his best artisans, Zannetti and his Scuba Art – Chinese Zodiac, is an example of artistic skills and Haute Horlogerie, considering the high quality of the engravings on the Corozo basis and the micro-painting that was created to represent the topic, the New Year Totem.