November 3, 2022

Zannetti The Time of Drivers

Vintage cars and motorbikes Padova Fair – October 20-23,  2022


Many watchmakers have a passion for cars. Zannetti is no exception. This is why the Roman Maison led by Riccardo Zannetti chose the Auto e Moto d’Epoca show in Padua to present the Time of Drivers collection, a special edition inspired by the most legendary vintage cars.

The Auto and Moto d’Epoca Padua Show is the unmissable event for fans of engines and the wider culture linked to the automotive industry. Classy cars and collection watches often have the same loyal audience of buyers. It is therefore not surprising that the Zannetti brand, specialized in Haute Horlogerie for over 40 years, has chosen the Auto e Moto d’Epoca exhibition in Padua to present the Time of Drivers collection, a special edition of watches inspired by most legendary vintage cars.



The Time of Drivers perfectly expresses Zannetti‘s technology and philosophy. A watch with an indisputably sporty style and refined design, created according to the highest standards of watchmaking: the carefully crafted finishes, the choice of the finest materials, the extreme complexity of the dial, made by hand. Most of the Zannetti watches are made by order of the customer who, in the case of the Time of Drivers, wants to engrave his beloved car on the watch face to always have it on his wrist, and, why not, proudly show it to colleagues, friends or business partners. The crown of this timepiece is engraved with a Dunlop tread pattern, while the Reset button is shaped like a gear lever. The Time of Drivers is available in the traditional version with three counters, or in the Racing Edition with two vertical dials.