September 15, 2022

Zannetti for Italia Yachts

The prize to the winner of the Italia Yachts 2022 trophy is a Scuba Art by Zannetti with a hand-painted dial in the micropainting technique depicting the winner’s sailboat. A unique piece, the result of the best watchmaking skills.

Italia Yachts Sailing Week, made up of regattas, but also of many pleasant social moments, took place in Sardinia, Porto Cervo, June 15-18. This first edition has seen sailing stars such as Louis Doreste Blanco, two Olympic gold medals in sailing, aboard the multi-titled Scugnizza, IY 11.98 by Enzo De Blasio who dominated the general classification of this series of races. A special guest was the Italian Navy with the presence on the race course of the training ship Orsa Maggiore, the third largest after the Amerigo Vespucci and the Palinuro ship, which honored the sailing week with its majesty, for the whole duration of the event.

Racing in these islands is complex but spectacular and if Scugnizza, IY 11.98 of Enzo De Blasio did not miss a beat by dominating the series of races in the Racer and Overall class, Giulia, IY 9.98 of Rudolf Vrestal and Sofima, IY 15.98 of Michele Centemero did very well, dominating the entire series, chased by Joshua 3, IY 10.98 by Giuseppe Gubbini who, together with Giorgio Saviani, kept their fourth position firmly in the overall standings. Short ranking in the central positions where Sakura, IY 13.98 by Andrea G. Busso, Furia IY 14.98 by Michele Vitulano and Mezzaluna, IY 13.98 by Gino Rigotti.

The trophy of the Italia Yachts challenge went to Michele Centemero with Sofima, first in the Cruise class, the most numerous. A special prize for the winner was a Scuba Art watch by Zannetti with a hand-painted dial in the micropainting technique depicting Centemero’s sailboat. As always, Zannetti has managed to create a unique timepiece, the result of the best watchmaking skills.