July 11, 2022

Zannetti newest: Gladiator Koi Carp

A perfect example of Zannetti original construction philosophy is the latest model released by the atelier in Via di Monte d ‘Oro: the Koi Carp Gladiator Micropaint in Jade, an unusual and fascinating variation of the Gladiator Steel Collection. Outwardly we can observe an important solotempo in 44 mm steel, with the personalized lugs, the engraved case back and the Swiss-made mechanical movement with automatic winding.

Definitely important once worn on the wrist, in its finishing, in the correct alternation of shiny surfaces with brushed ones, it finds its connection with the best models of beyond the Alps.

What makes the difference, however, is what we find underneath the anti-reflective sapphire glass. Its dial, in fact, is a small piece of art, each one unique and different from the previous one. In the particular case, the basic design is that of the Koi Carp, created in micro-paint with polychrome enamels on a jade base. To make it, a master craftsman must employ all his mastery in an extremely delicate job: thinning and polishing a jade disc, until it is so thin that it can be put inside the watch case. To do this, the jade is placed on the disk of the milling machine which, by rotating, smooths the material. A long, complex operation, completed with a smoothing disc in diamond powder paste, lubricated with oil, generally olive oil. The result is fulfilling: each timepiece is extraordinarily beautiful.