May 31, 2018


Special Edition Zannetti’s Blue Summer After the 2018 shows and exhibits in Basel, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Zannetti gets ready for the summer by presenting a product collection which has the color blue as a common denominator. This is not a novelty: in fact, the color blue is represented in the brand’s catalogue since its first models of the 90’s. Then again, it’s impossible not to make a stylistic statement out of it: blue is the color of the roman air, of its fountains and affreschi. The ancient romans used to call it caeruleus, which has a clear reference to the blue of its sky. Today it’s a mark of elegance, casualness in clothing and a search for new, never before seen, original combinations. We will find zannetti’s blue in his timepieces, the piranha, the discobolo, but also in his pens, broken down in various shades of the harlequin, or in the extreme artistic rigorousness of the flinqué enamel.