January 22, 2017

2017 Singapore – Italian Vibrations

Italian Vibrations

22th January 2017 Museum of Singapore

With the Patronage of The Italian Cultural Institute in Singapore

The noble art of watchmaking and goldsmith, which has always flourished in Rome during the last two millenniums, had, during specific time periods, a truly incredible realisation.

The astonishing splendour of the 16th century and the century afterward for example caused a great drive to the sectors, whose customers were essentially the haute ecclesiastic and nobility power elite. The Roman production was obviously dedicated more to the sacred and ritual manufacture and grew particularly during specific periods like the Holy Years. During the past centuries goldsmiths in Rome were all based in a street called “Via Pellegrini” and for them in 1680 it became required to live and reside there. Goldsmiths, who originally organised themselves in a so-called “corporation”, founded in 1508 a real university, to which other artisans who professionally worked metals and stones adhered. In 1358 Roman laws already considered few regulations on the subject way before this habit was introduced in all rest of Europe, like for example a law establishing that silver had to have a “punzone”, a guarantee stamp. Zannetti with regards to watchmaking continue this tradition, operating in the very centre of Rome and producing truly unique, handmade and hand-designed art masterpieces.

Zannetti has decided to reinterpret the automatic-mechanical Harlequin watch of the Palatino’s collection realizing  his version of “Vibrazioni” dedicated to Carlo D’Orta’s piece of art. The result is a watch unique in its genre. All of it is handmade, where the polychrome champlevè enamels on the steel case frame a dial made in Corozo. The dial is hand engraved and enamelled with the miniature technique. A model of great charm, which interpretes Carlo D’Orta’s artistic flair making it alive and vibrant thanks to the constant stroll of time.