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The Gladiator is born to fight, as its name suggests. This watch reveals the strong character and determination of the person who wears it. The size of this watch is unusual, its precious case is made in gold or in steel and its prestigious finishings make the Gladiator an out of the ordinary watch, that doesn’t pass unobserved. The Gladiator boasts its multiple versions: with a mother-of-pearl dial, a natural jade dial, a silver or a bronze dial, a champlevé dial. The Gladiator is available in classic and in a chronograph version.

Gladiator Chronograph

Gladiator Chronograph is a version of the Gladiator collection. The case of 44 mm diameter features two chronograph push-buttons (Start/Stop and Reset) and designed lugs with external decorations. Gladiator Chronograph is available in stainless steel and in 18k yellow gold case, with a dial in mother-of-pearl, bronze or Argentè.

Gladiator Spirit of Ecstasy

The Gladiatore Spirit of Ecstasy exalts the stylistic qualities of the Zannetti produc- tion lines by producing a watch whose technology and design are indisputably sporty yet classy and their construction remains completely compatible with the concept of quality watchmaking. The finishing touches are carefully executed, the choice of materials, the extreme complexity of the dial on several levels, all of which serve to make it even more unique. And it gives its best performance on the wrist. It is available in the traditional version with three counters, or in the Racing Edition with only two vertical dials. It has an engraved or enamelled bezel.

Gladiator Jade Man

Gladiator Jade is a Solotempo in stainless steel of 44 mm. Its peculiarity is definitely its dial made in jade. Jade is a stone often used in jewelry. It is typically green, although may be yellow or white. Jade is well known for its ornamental use in Asian art. To make a dial in jade, a master craftsman must use all his skill in an extremely delicate job: thinning and polishing a jade disc, until it is so thin that it can be inserted inside the watch case.

Gladiator Jade Man

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Gladiator Lady

Gladiator Lady with a 39 mm case preserves all the technical characteristics of its “elder brother” Gladiator 44 mm.  Precious stones often become an integral part of this watch, and those must be of the utmost purity, but also perfectly matched in size, cut and color as they will be clustered together on the small surface of the watch. The slightest difference in color would be immediately evident and undermine the beauty of the watch.

Gladiator Baloon

Gladiator Balloon is an important 44 mm steel Solotempo watch with a Swiss-made self-winding mechanical movement. Gladiator Balloon features a bronze case and a unique hand-painted dial engraved and painted in micro-painting technique in polychrome enamel on Corozo nut base.