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The design of the Discobolo was inspired by the Discobolus of Mirone, the famous statue that depicts an athlete in the act of throwing the discus. The Disc gives shape to the case of this watch, which appears to be suspended above the strap: there are no usual lugs holding it up.

This precious timepiece amazes in every version: in gold, in steel or in bronze, embellished with diamonds, multicolor sapphires and rubies.

The gems perfectly match the bright colors of the hand-painted and hand-enameled dials making each watch a unique, impossible to copy piece.

Simple and sophisticated at the same time

Since the ‘50s, all the major manufacturers of watches, were confronted on a case type for watches that collectors and fans immediately renamed it “flying saucer (circular wing)” or “Ufo”. The peculiarity is in the design, perfectly circular, accompanied by the complete absence of the loops. The strap, in fact, engage below the actual case, so as to give the appearance of a flying saucer that is “backed” above the wrist. This construction ensures a great clean look, with visual attention that is focused on the dial, along with the ability to embellish the same case edges with engravings or precious stones. Zannetti with Discobolo reinvented the flying saucer, giving it a meaning typically classical and Roman.