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About us


An authentic designer and an artist, a formidable master of the art of Haute Horlogerie, Riccardo Zannetti is an Italian watchmaker par excellance. The history of the brand Zannetti begins in 1982 when Riccardo Zannetti, its founder and CEO, creates his first original timepieces that become a revelation for the world of fine watchmaking.

Being a demanding technician, Zannetti designs and innovates only exclusive mechanisms, or in any case belonging to the highest historical tradition. Each single model made by Zannetti follows the tradition of Haute Horlogerie and can be considered a unique piece, and as such is numbered and registered.

The customization made by Zannetti does not concern only the aesthetic part, therefore the case, the dial or the hands, or exclusively the mechanical one, the movement, as it often happens for this type of watch.

Zannetti reinterprets a watch in its entirety, creating unique, impossible to copy, timepieces, perfectly finished in their technical parts. Prestigious writing instruments, cufflinks and precious jewels, all rigorously Made in Italy, complete the production range of Zannetti.

Rome remains the hometown of the brand, and it is in Rome, in the historic via di Mone d’Oro 23, that the flagship boutique of the brand is located. However, with a selected network of dealers and boutiques, Zannetti can be found in Europe, Asia, in the Middle East and in the USA.


The passion for fine watchmaking in the Zannetti family begins with Carmine Zannetti, a master goldsmith and a great watch enthusiast. Mario Zannetti, a design professor and an international artist, succeeded Carmine and continued to enrich the family collection. His passion for geometrical lines and intricate mechanical workings still influence the current production of Zannetti.

Riccardo Zannetti has inherited an important cultural commitment of his ancestors, to which he has united the skills of a great watchmaker and an artistic talent. Zannetti workshop is actually a modern design laboratory and Riccardo Zannetti is one of the few artisans still carrying on a tradition that began 500 years ago, with an aim to spread Italian creativity all over the world.


Designing a watch is always a difficult, yet fascinating challenge. The first thing to consider is its functionality. It would have no sense to produce a beautiful watch if on a practical level it does not fulfil its function – to provide the time of day.

Another thing that must always be considered is the mechanics of a watch, since these need specific technical requirements. The design therefore must find a balance between all the specific constructional demands, integrating creativity and a good taste.

Every watch created by Zannetti is always designed and drawn exclusively by hand. Each Zannetti timepiece starts with a sketch made with a pencil, a carbon and pastels. Thus, the idea takes form and from this the magic of creating a Zannetti watch begins.